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Magdalena Gottschalk:  Lindtzl Kingdom

Hold on to your witch hat as Magdalena and friends travel to the enchanted forest in Lindtzl Kingdom! While this coming of age middle grade to preteen fantasy fiction adventure will challenge friendships found within the pages of the book, an underlying faith-based support system that combines the magical world of the enchanted and belief in a higher power, will provide the courage and foundation the group needs to persevere.

Book #3 of the Madgalena Gottschalk series is sure to leave you hanging onto the edge of the page while the delicate balance of good and evil has yet tipped again. Queen Lindtzl has been captured, and the friends know they must usher to her rescue. The demons of Lily Brooke’s past were captured and locked up for eternity, the three-headed werewolf’s curse has been broken, so who or what could be behind the queen’s mysterious disappearance?

Stay tuned as The Mystical Alliance of Lily Brooke (MALB) is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and save their beloved friend in The Enchanted Forest.