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Magdalena Gottschalk:  The Crooked Trail


Contact:  M. Gail Grant, (925) 768-2102
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~ Do your Nightmares keep you awake at Night?
Feeling the Tantalizing Effects of the Enchanted?
Enter Lily Brooke, as seen through
the eyes of thirteen-year-old children,
Demons and All ~

CANTON, GA – Debut fantasy fiction author delights young and older alike in this new release epic fantasy novel featuring the enchanted world of witches, wizardry, and black magic. When childhood innocence, intrigue, and sense of wonder meets the hidden sinister spirit of a small-town in America, the result may be catastrophic. Teamwork, friendship, and faith will determine their survival.

The enchanted secret of Lily Brooke was safe and sound, until Magdalena and her thirteen-year-old friends accidentally unleashed the revengeful demons of the past. How were they supposed to know that a friendly expedition in the woods on a stress-free Saturday morning would lead to the most intense and scary moments of their lives? So many mysterious happenings have occurred ever since they found that crooked trail leading to the sacrificial cave, and hidden monstrosity of a treehouse. With the chanting voices and shrill noises that only Magdalena could hear, the friends decide there is something sinister living amongst them. Time is of the essence to save Lily Brooke and their childhood club, the Mystical Alliance of Lily Brooke, knows it is up to them to capture the demons hiding in their community and set the town free. Witches, wizards, and some black magic may just be what it takes for Magdalena and her best friends to save the day.

• Lessons of Teamwork, Friendship, Love
• Soul searching and Embracing Differences
• Everything isn’t what it Seems
• Desperate moments define Humanity
• Finding Faith must happen from Within
• Evil has no power over those who Believe
• Love and Loyalty comes in different Shapes and Sizes
• Faith, Unity, and Embracing Differences will lead to a Better Tomorrow

“This epic fantasy novel represents the struggles and lessons of children and young adults. Soul searching, finding that sense of purpose, that sense of hope, and pursing the innate sense of childhood curiosity, is something I feel many experience. My hope is Magdalena’s tale normalizes the every-day with the fantasy and adventure sought by all ages of children, in this mystical and magical town of Lily Brooke,” says Grant.

M. Gail Grant is the mother of three children and hopes to represent the thrill-seeking tendencies of childhood combined with lessons of young adulthood, yet carefully balancing the world of enchanted imagination and faith. For more information, visit:

Magdalena Gottschalk:  The Crooked Trail, Keebie Press, (eBook-$2.99, ISBN: 978-0-692-91211-9, Paperback-$10.99, ISBN: 978-0-692-91210-2, 5.06” x 7.81”, Hardcover-$19.99, ISBN: 978-0-692-92913-1, 5.0” x 8.0”, 358 Pages)

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Contact:  M. Gail Grant, (925) 768-2102
Email: [email protected]