Sneak Peeks


Magdalena Gottschalk:  Lindtzl Kingdom

Coming November 2018! It was the best Christmas ever for Magdalena and her friends. The seasonal festivities those last few days before Christmas had them popping from one holiday party to another. There was singing, laughter, and lots of gift giving. But for MALB, The Mystical Alliance of Lily Brooke, they knew from first-hand experience that nothing was more important, or to be cherished, more than friendship.

To date, they had defeated the enchanted demons of Lily Brooke’s past and locked them away forever in the enchanted lanterns. And when the demons had cursed their gatekeeper, the three-headed werewolf determined to revenge their owner’s entrapment, Magdalena and her friends pulled together to defeat the hideous beast's curse.

Bound by friendship and loyalty, MALB had survived all the trials the demons had thrown their way. And not only had they survived, but they had made friends along the way. Defeating the werewolf’s curse had led them to the Kingdom of Lindtzl and The Enchanted Forest. Queen Lindtzl herself had been instrumental in helping the children and providing guidance. She had fed them in the winter wonderland and presented them with a coveted snow globe that would allow them to return any time they wanted to visit.

Now that the holidays were past, the friends were ready to settle into life without crazy adventures. The queen had been so excited to return to her castle upon their departure home. Little did they know, the state of affairs had drastically changed, since they left the picturesque forest.

MALB finds itself in yet another mystery in The Enchanted Forest. This time, they need to save the queen from the evil forces manifesting upon the kingdom. Will they be strong enough to defeat the evil manipulation, or will they forever be trapped in the hidden kingdom? Stay tuned…